“You tried to walk on the trail we were carving”

I managed to do a couple of shows on ds106 radio over the holiday weekend. Even more surprising was that they had semi-coherent themes, as opposed to my usual random shuffling. Alan had an impressive rant on Edtech Who the &*#% are you? which suggested to me a number of songs, starting off with The End. There were themes of struggle and selling out, so I thought of Chumbawumba and The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. Selling out can be a Faustian bargain, which Alan framed in terms of 70s devil movies with a trio of inspired poster remixes. This brought to mind Alice Donut’s ode to Linda Blair and the exorcism from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. He closes out with a play on Who Are You, but I thought I’d throw it back further in the name of rebellion and “cultural revulsion” with The Punk and the Godfather. In how many ways can Townsend’s lyrics be read to apply to our moment?

But if I go trying to be thoughtful and insightful I’ll probably only embarrass myself. The invention that really impressed me the other week was David Kernohan’s guitar effect in a chicken tin.

That immediately made me think of The Meter’s Chicken Strut and I had to wonder how many other chicken-based songs I had. Quite a few, as it turned out.

a dancing chicken

And the show went over well with the global audience:

I was also pleased to see that one of our ds106radio DJs thought the blog post soundtrack concept was a worthy idea:

I wonder if we could make it a thing.

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