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Our new old radio friend Scott Lo came up with this triple troll in response to a ds106radio discussion of Bono and Bono:

I wondered if I could take it a step further and merge some of Sonny Bono’s features onto Art’s face. I didn’t find a good picture of Sonny right away, so I changed tactics and looked for Simon instead. And made this gruesome monstrosity:

I think the key to making this idea work easily is to find two faces with similar lighting. Art’s face is lit from the right, but the lighting is pretty flat with no strong shadows. I found a Paul Simon album cover with the same kind of lighting, so I thought it would be a good match. The next trick to making this work is to feather the edges of the selection. Feathering means that instead of a hard edge cutout of Simon’s face, I got one with blurry edges that blend better with Art. Simon had a different color cast, more reddish, so I adjusted the hue until it looked like it fit. I also had to adjust the value (lightness) a little bit to match. I should have looked for a way to darken the part around the mouth because you can see a line there. The Simon part could use a little more contrast and a little sharpening too, but mostly it blends. I like the creepiness of the different eye colors and shapes.

We have a couple face swap assignments in the visual section, but I think you could call this a remix or mashup or both. One of my friends said I should do Sonny and Cher next:

That circles back to Bono, which is cool. It was also suggested that it looks like Noel Gallagher and Geddy Lee, so if anyone wants to attempt an Oasis/Rush mashup, feel free to use the image.

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  1. Jim Groom says:

    So you know, this is next level insanity

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