… that is the question…

Friend of Amy Burvall finds some of the best stuff:

I recognized this as being by the same guy who brought us the Weird Old Book Finder, so I knew it had to be worth a look. Here is his explanation of the project and the tool itself.

It does seem like an interesting way to look at a piece of writing. I tried it out with Lovecraft’s Beyond the Wall of Sleep

which sounds predictably Lovecraftian. It could be a crazy rant all by itself, from some inmate at Arkham. To try something in a different vein, I copied a chunk of a chapter from Todd Snider’s I Never Met a Story I Didn’t Like

which sounds like the crazy rant of someone who smoked pot with Willie Nelson. I do have to compliment Clive on his choice of typeface – you can’t go wrong with a classic. I’m not quite sure how I could use this creatively, except maybe if I was conducting an interview.

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