Hello it’s me

Our new old radio friend @scottlo issued a challenge the other day to identify a song

Identifying the song is pretty easy when the title is the hashtag. Identifying the performer, not so much. The music reminds me of The Singing Detective, which featured Tin Pan Alley type songs

Scott’s song dates back to the ’20s, so I thought I might be able to find sheet music so I could attempt to play it. I managed to locate a scan of it in someone’s Etsy shop.

While the melody is pretty simple, the chords are all dims and augs and sixes and sevens and nines, which are beyond my level of dexterity and expertise. But if I ignore all the jazziness and coloration I can sort of play through it

I attempted to sing it, but that part was too horrible so I edited it out and left the more Shatner-esque vocals. What I find potentially valuable about this process is that listening to the recording makes me more conscious of things I need to work on, like timing and dynamics. Maybe if I keep doing it I can develop a level of competence.

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