How to get a head in the world

“There’s two kinds of people in this world, my friend: Those who work for a living, and those who own things for a living.” is the way I usually paraphrase Tuco. But today’s Daily Create challenge was to make something, so I had to think differently about it. I’ve been making miniature mutant skulls for a while, inspired by the work of Brother O’Mara, so I wondered if I could work with that. There are a lot of different way I could pair them up, but a caption wasn’t jumping to mind. Of course, the duality in the statement isn’t true, so I thought I would counter it. So I grabbed a handful of skulls and arranged them on Grandma’s little folding table and took a picture. Since we’re heading into Design Week in ds106, I added a hairline border and set the type in Comic Sans (inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of George Siemens)


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