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noun_683449_ccSo far, only a few people have blogged about their project ideas. It is possible that people are just putting it off, but it could also be that people are struggling for ideas. Nothing is more intimidating than a blank canvas, as the saying goes. If that’s the case, you can look back at what you’ve already done in the class. Is there something you can build upon? You could look back at that list of questions the class generated early on. Do any of them give you inspiration or ideas? These are ways of giving yourself a starting point and setting up some parameters.

The people who have talked about their ideas mostly specified particular media. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that may be a little bit “cart before the horse.” As you plan out your story idea, you will see opportunities to use various media, so you can let it flow from there. And remember, you can use the web as a medium. Something like the remixed web sites from Week 8 might function as a way of connecting various other media and bringing your story together.

All that being said, I really like the ideas and suggestions that have come out so far. We’ve seen a lot of great work come out of this class so far, so we know these projects will live up to the standards you have set.

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