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I saw Jim’s post about his t-shirt daily create and decided to steal his idea, ’cause that’s what I do. Basically I wanted to get more Bava in the bava logo. I like the idea of bringing imagery into lettering, although it’s not so easy to bring it off well. One thing you need is very heavy lettering. I went to Da Font and looked for something groovy, and found Pincoya Black by Daniel Hernández. From there I typed Bava Tuesdays in the preview box and took a screen shot of the result. I brought that into Photoshop and stacked the words, then cropped the image to the lettering. Then I went looking for images from some of Bava’s films. I pasted them in and scaled them to fit, then changed the layer blending mode to lighten. Since the letters were black on a white background, anything lighter then black would show through. The rectangle in the upper right corner was accidental. That part of the lettering layer was empty, or transparent.  I liked the way it looked though, so I kept it. Since I had it in layers, I made it into a GIF just for the heck of it. I kinda like the result, but the images really overpower the letters, making it hard to read. The changing imagery makes it worse.  But I’m working on a Bava budget, so I’ll call it good enough and say it’s a wrap.

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  1. jimgroom says:

    So I am think something around 940 px wide by 194 high, and weighing in close to 75-80KB for the header, even a few separate GIFs I can rotate. I freaking love this header and want to make it so. So much better than a freaking dog! 🙂

  2. jimgroom says:

    Also, what I really like is that the letters bavatuesdays come in and out of focus. So when The Girl Who Knew Too Much and Black Sunday appear it is easier to read, and then it fades into bava colors, and then refocuses with black and white. I love the effect. As usual, low budget proves effective for all things bava 😉

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