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As ds106 ends each semester, the class gives advice to future ds106ers. It’s a good reflective exercise, and it lets people have some idea of what they’re getting into. Everybody says it’s a lot of work, and most say it’s fun work. This time around, we actually had one insightful person say it’s not that bad in comparison to a regular MWF course, which is the flip side of “Don’t procrastinate!”

But this morning I was in awe of a totally unsolicited (by me) ds106 advice video:

This was the result of Nora Forknall’s planning and hard work, and input from eleven other ds106 veterans. She had this idea back in December, and put out a call for collaborators in February, so this represents some real sustained commitment. And that’s .


It’s not me, it’s you…

Sometimes I get thanks and praise from students in these semester-ending blog posts. Being the self-deprecating paranoid type, I wonder if they’re trying to butter me up to boost their grades, not that they need it. But what makes the course great isn’t me. I’m just glad to be part of it. Jim and Alan and Martha built the playground, so they can claim some of the credit. Really it’s the enthusiasm and creativity that the students bring that makes the course what it is. They make the art. I just ask them to do it.

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