Rustling the radio

noun_50521Everybody made great progress with their radio shows before the break. It looks sounds like everything should come together without a hitch. We have a variety of programs in the works – a worldwide western news show, a murder mystery, some rodeo radio, some cowboy comedy, travel and tombstones… Did I forget any? I’m sure they’ll all be great.

The ds106 radio shows are always my favorite part of this course. People invest a lot of time and effort into their projects, but there is so much creativity and fun in the final products that everyone sees the payoff.

noun_171_ccIt’s pretty rare that more than one or two people come in with much experience with audio editing, or even thinking about audio storytelling. But most people enjoy the Intro to Audio week, even if it’s a struggle, and get into the group listening sessions on ds106radio. I think the key lesson come through there: the power of using sound to tell the story. Dialogue and narration convey the verbal information, but the sounds bring the stories to life. The sounds are what really makes it work. I’m looking forward to hear what everyone does.

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