The Resignationer

It feels like life imitating art to see my #learninghero Jim resign at the beginning of Prisoner106. So I thought I’d try a bit of art imitating life imitating art in response. I thought about doing a Groom-art GIF of that bit at the end of The Prisoner where the bars slam shut in McGoohan’s face. I went looking for a clip of the closing credits on Youtube, but they didn’t have that part. I did however find a clip of the closing credits without the text overlay, so I grabbed that and wondered what I could do with it. I also grabbed the opening episode and clipped out the part I needed. I saw Andy Rush’s video on Adding a Picture-in-Picture Effect in iMovie a few days ago, so I wondered if I could do this in iMovie. I couldn’t see how to superimpose a face and have it zoom in the right way, so I monkeyed around in Photoshop and exported it as a video instead of a GIF. I also reversed the frames so the bars open. Then I grabbed a bunch of Twitter responses to Jim’s announcement, deleted the white background and used them where the credits would have been. I probably should have figured out a better way to do that, since they came out fuzzy in the end product. That’s probably more to do with Youtube’s processing though, since it isn’t nearly as bad in iMovie:

I have to congratulate Jim for going on to bigger and better things, #Reclaiming , where I’m sure he will continue to inspire us all.

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