Bullets and butterfly wings


adapted from Dr. Suess’ The Sneetches and Other Stories

We had a great live tweeting session listening to James M. Cain’s The Butterfly on Monday evening. The participating listeners enjoyed and/or were shocked by the story, but I think everyone appreciated the strength of the audio production. I think everyone appreciated that there was a butterfly, as opposed to the elusive Postman in the other Cain work we read. The participants were:


Everyone offered great observation and input.

Early yesterday evening, I listened to DS106 master Alan Levine and Brian Lamb in The You Show: Episode 4  where they discuss audio and audio editing. They do a segment where they audibly illustrate how sounds can create a sense of place. At many points in The Butterfly we hear this as well – the tunnel, the bar, the courtroom. Sound effects like that are pretty easy to find and easy to add in Audacity. You get a lot of impact for the effort. The video is worth a look:

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