2048: Dirty Dozen edition

I had seen these 2048 things, but it wasn’t until @dkernohan’s abomination that I attempted to play one. My first thought was to make Noir2048, but that would have meant doing some actual work and I have to leave for the office in about two minutes. I thought there were twelve tiles, so I thought of Twelve Angry Men, and then remembered Michael Branson Smith’s awesome set of Dirty Dozen GIFs. Actually there’s eleven. Given my phb256 handle, I should be embarrassed. Sometimes these TDCs just seem to do themselves.


That’s something we do in ds106 – remix each other and build upon each other. Just so no one wastes any time on this, I put Telly Savalas in the top spot – for Tina’s sake.

I claim bonus points for using animated GIFs.

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