Wire106 – ep08 Moral Midgetry


I see Fredericksburg is in on the action.


Colvin is getting ready to retire, to hang up the gloves. On the other hand, Cutty is getting ready to start a boxing gym. The Deacon, in the foreground, is connected to both. Considering what happens later on in the series, this feels like foreshadowing.


We’ve been seeing Greggs turn into McNulty. This shot is set up so she’s staring into the bottle – not a bright future


Omar when he was little


Clay Davis walks String through the golden doors. It looks impressive, but we all know it’s not real gold, just a front.

I like the layering of sounds here. You can hear the footsteps in the background as Devonne walks across the street, Chris up close readying his weapon, the changing point of view as the vehicle moves. The explosion of glass that coincides with the gunshot doesn’t sound quite right to me, like the shards are too big for auto glass. But then we hear the alarms, the dog barking, all the people shouting. They sound more angry than fearful.

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