String’s Gonna Get You

Today’s Daily Create was to make a themed video montage. I took all the Stringer Bell clips I had saved from the first season and put them together with the song String’s Gonna Get You (YT) which I actually have on an LP. Youtube credits it to Rutabaga, but it’s really the legendary Andre Williams.

I made this with Audacity and iMovie. The song is about five minutes long, and it’s about a Texas sheriff, which doesn’t really fit the theme. In Audacity I cropped off the first few minutes with all the lyrics and applied the Fade-In effect at the beginning, then I exported it as an MP3. I imported that and my clips into iMovie. Since my clips only added up to a few seconds, I duplicated them over and over again until it filled up a couple minutes. I right-clicked on the clips and used the Detach Audio function to get rid of the sound. My sound file was still running longer than the video clips, so I cropped the end off. And there’s my String video, such as it is.

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3 Responses to String’s Gonna Get You

  1. Stefanie says:

    Definitely going to be thinking of this song the next episode I watch when I see Stringer. Is imovie and audacity easy to use? I’ve never played with either.

    • phb256 says:

      They’re both fairly easy. I’ve never read any directions for either of them, just played around with menus to see what they do. With Audacity you will probably have to install the LAME MP3 encoder, but the directions for that are pretty easy to follow.

  2. John Meadows says:

    This sounds like the awesome theme song for an 80’s or 90’s show! String is this badass cop who’s taking down criminals left and right. He don’t play by your rules! Nice work!

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