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The summaries I’ve skimmed through so far have been quite good. It’s interesting to consider the connections between them. The past and the future of the internet exist on a continuum rather than as two separate things, as Kim suggests. That’s an important thing to be aware of when looking at the history. Thare are a lot of readings that look at the roots, but history is ongoing, and a lot of what the Web is has happened in that last decade or so. Another connection I see is between James’ summaries on privacy and darknets. In light of what we’ve been hearing about the NSA, Tor is as much a way to protect one’s privacy as it is a channel for criminal activity. And to some, trying to protect privacy is criminal activity.  (Pardon my soapboxing.)

cc 2010 Calsidyrose

cc 2010 Calsidyrose

By looking at the summaries we can start planning out where we’re going to go with this course over the next four weeks. We need to figure out who is going to lead each week, what kind of project we’ll be making, and how we’re going to schedule it out over the week. For the fifth week we’re only going to have two days, so we’ll need to think and plan ahead about that.

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