A timeline from Twitter

The ever-observant Mariana Funes brought something to my attention:

The link goes to A timeline of the history of the World Wide Web, and they welcome suggestions. Some of the research that’s been done in The Internet Course would fit in here. I don’t see any mention of Licklider or ARPANET. So if you’re inclined to help a guy out, send him something at the email address on the page.

It’s a cool visualization. I was curious about how it worked, so I looked at the code – that’s Ctrl-U in Firefox:


There’s not much code there. I clicked on the content.html link, because that looks like the source:


It looks like a script is pulling info from a Google Doc spreadsheet, which was probably driven by a form similar to the one we used for the readings at the beginning of the course. I still couldn’t tell you exactly how the timeline works, but it’s fun to look under the hood sometimes.

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