Saving Cmaps online for collaboration

Here’s a little lengthy bit about how to save Cmaps online for group collaboration.

Untitled 0So here’s my map. I have it saved on my laptop and now I’m going to save it to an online server. The first thing is to click on Save As. See that globe icon to the right? Click on that to find the server. See how the file name has a space in it? You don’t want to do that.


Choose IHMC Public CmapsUntitled 3

It’s a little slow sometimes. Be patient.Untitled 4

Here we see the folders on the IHMC Public Cmaps server. There’s about a thousand of them. Scroll way down and look for the one named UMW. The awwwesome Timmmyboy put that there for us.Untitled-5

My map is already in there, so I’m overwriting it. Some of these screens don’t show up when you save a map the first time.Untitled 7Untitled 8

When you save a map, it also save a folder with all the links. You need to save that folder for the links to work.Untitled 10

Here is the saved map. See that URL at the bottom? That’s the address for the map. I’m going to copy it and paste it into Firefox.Untitled 12Untitled 13

And that’s what it looks like through the browser. All those links are active.Untitled 14

Something that might make life easier would be to save that UMW folder into your Favorites. Click on the Shared Cmaps in Places link, and then the IHMC Public Cmaps link.Untitled 18Untitled-20

Eventually you will see that long list of folders again. Scroll way down to find the UMW folder. Then click on the Favorites link in the Views panel and drag and drop the UMW folder in it. That creates a shortcut. You may still experience some slowness depending on the traffic to the server, but at least you shouldn’t have to scroll through the list again. You should be able to go into that folder and edit the maps in there.Untitled 15

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