Map happy

The class has come up with a lot of great concept maps so far. It is interesting to look at all the different approaches too. There’s no one right way to do it, although some end up being more useful that others.
If we look at Lauren’s map, we see a detailed breakdown of three articles. What’s especially niec about this one is that it links out to further information. The map connects us to details on the different authors,  ARPANET and other things.

Kim’s map shows a nice use of color coding. This organizes the ideas from each article at a glance. The map also shows where concepts overlap from one article to another. It starts to illustrate how scholarly research is a kind of conversation, by connecting underlying ideas. Kim was able to get the HTML version of her map working. Something that would have taken it a step further would have been to link back to the original article, if possible, and to link out to further information.

Amber made a nice use of an image in her map. She organized hers a little differently, with the articles on the periphery and the ways they connect in the interior. It looks like there are links back to the articles, but unfortunately they don’t function in the JPG version of the map.

James’ came up with a very detailed breakdown in his map. There are a lot of ideas in there, forming a rich web of information. As with some of the others, links would make it stronger, and with the amount of detail, another level of visual organization, like color coding, would help.

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