Putting a Cmap into a blog post

There are a few different ways to put a Cmap into a blog post. If I wanted to be lame, I could make the map into an image either by taking a screen shot or exporting the map as an image file, and then insert that into a post. The reason I call that lame is because the map loses its links.

You can make Cmaps into web pages directly from the program menu: File – Export Cmap As – Web Page. This generates a JPG image of the map and an HTML file. To get that HTML into a blog post, it has to be online somewhere. I use the online storage service Dropbox, and upload the HTML and JPG to the Public folder.

copy publicOnce it’s in there, I right-click on the file and pick “copy public link.”

link URLI use that as the Link URL for the image that I embed into the blog post. So with the map below, when someone clicks on it, it opens up the URL from Dropbox, and all the embedded links are active.

As We May Think

I am sure there are other ways to do it, like with the <iframe> function. You don’t have to use Dropbox either. Box or Google Drive would probably work just as well.

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