Playing with CMAP

Here I’m experimenting with mapping things out with Cmap Tools. I used Vannevar Bush’s seminal article “As We May Think” as the central concept and connected some related things, like a little about the author and what he envisioned, and played with adding links and images. Since Cmaps can be exported as HTML pages as well as connect to web pages, they can be used as nodes and branches to map out really complex ideas.

As We May ThinkI uploaded the HTML file that Cmap Tools generated to Dropbox’s Public folder, then made the embedded JPG link to the Dropbox Public link. For some reason Safari gives me a Java error, but it works in Firefox. So I’ll have to do some further investigation.

What I’ve been thinking is that we can build out a giant interconnected map of everything we cover in The Internet Course. They can use this tool to break down readings and visually look at how the readings can connect to each other. My hope is that the process will get students thinking deeply – visually and conceptually – about the subject matter. Cmap Tools also has a server version, which should make it easier to work online and easier for the class to work together on the project. Here I’m starting to do it myself to see how it might work in action. I’ve got a ways to go before I’ll feel like I have a good handle on it all, but so far, so good.

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