Crime Galleries

PaulDoddCharcoal2013_03So one thing led to another and I ended up on Paul Dodd’s website, featuring his Models from Crime Page series. Maybe those pictures were based on the Crime Stoppers flyer, which apparently also has its own on-demand cable channel.

crimestoppersBefore I fled Rochester, back when I used to get the newspaper on paper, I always looked for the Crime Stoppers page. Who’s there? What did they do? Do I recognize any of the faces or names? (I’m pretty sure that Jeffery Baker isn’t the same guy who interviewed for a library job). When I used to teach about how you can’t trust everything you find online, I would point my classes to Felon Spy, which never failed to captivate my classes, even after I pointed out that it was a hoax. (Try putting UMW’s address in the search box. See how many felons are in your neighborhood!)

I think all that relates to some of the readings this week. Hawthorne writing about his trip to the wax museum, Bierce commenting on crimes in California – all highlight a fascination with criminality that’s always been with us, and never leaves.

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