Pre-production notes

smallgallowspollI thought I’d share the collaboration and production process Jim and I are using to do a video with the rest of the True Crimers. I make this process a little complicated because I’m at a remote distance. It should be easier for the rest of the class since you can get together in person.

Since we were discussing the similarities and differences between Patience Boston and Esther Rodgers in class, I thought it might be a good idea to make a contest out of it, like a sporting event or a game show. Jim liked the idea, so I put together a rough outline, a couple graphics and found some visual elements we might be able to use. I started to plan out how it might go using PowerPoint as a storyboard. I uploaded that to Google Drive so I could share it easily, but it lost some of the animation in the conversion. Here are the links:

Google Doc with rough outline

Google Presentation storyboard

I’m not sure quite how all the pieces will go together, and we don’t even have all the pieces yet, but I think we could use iMovie to combine images, clips and audio. We might try to record our parts in a Google Hangout and splice it together with the other parts. We’ll see what happens.

The rest of the class doesn’t have to follow our plan or methods, but I would suggest that if you do some planning open and online, the rest of us can offer advice, ideas and input. Go where your imaginations take you and do what works for your topics. It probably won’t be perfect or professional, but that’s not the point. It’s all about what you learn on the way.

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