A day late and a head short

weddingSo I’m a day late in getting to the autodecaptiation challenge. This assignment was a problem because I don’t have many pictures with my head in them. I tried using one of my wedding pictures, but trying to reconstruct the background behind my head was more trouble than it as worth. And my wife thought it was creepy.

But then I thought of my picture from the other day. That should be pretty easy since I already had a background. It would have been easier if I had saved a layered file, but I didn’t so I had to reconstruct it. While I was at it I put that little light reflection on the top layer so it looks more like I’m behind the lens. And that’s not creepy at all.


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  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    Hello Mr. Paul.

    It is good like you got into my mind’s eye and now you are looking out from inside. But it kind of gives me an itchy-eye so don’t make a mess in there with chip bags and empty pop bottles.

    If you are talking to @jimgroom in the next little while about Mario Bava or stuff, you can gently poke him about doing something about his Art Lack. Let him know that having ds106 #headless so that he can DO more Art instead of teaching it is a good idea but he has to DO more Art if he is not teaching. And the #ds106 #headless13 pre-course GIFfing started yesterday, so he better get off his hippie hammock and join in.

    Plus, the Hard Boiled Egg Crime thing sounds really interesting I may just drop in a bit during the course (does The Maltese Falcon show up there I am going to watch it tonight and likely make GIFs from it) and so I might be there off to the side sitting on a shelf on the wall like a fly.

    Well, bye!

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