Must love dolls

kojak2You know who’s a good friend to dolls? It’s Mr. Leandro. Here he taking care of one that met with some sort of accident. He has a friendly smile, don’t you think?kojak1

supersucker talky TIna1Who wouldn’t want to be friends with him?

So for today’s Daily Create, the prompt is “@IamTalkyTina wants to be everyone’s friend. Make a photo that represents that kind of friendship”

What would it look like to be friends with everyone? I suppose it would rock. I found this poster of the time Talky Tina opened for the Supersuckers on their Facebook page. I wonder if Talky Tina is friends with the Supersuckers. That seems like it would be fun. See for yourself:

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2 Responses to Must love dolls

  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    And if you look at his face, you will see that it looks kind of familiar to me, doesn’t it? You see it is proof that he was just an actor on a show and that I really didn’t make him dead just in the show but even then he kicked me and fell on his own stupid fault so ten years later he makes this movie and is still alive and besides, didn’t you see Kojak when you were a kid so it was all just an act and I didn’t make him dead so lay off the Mean Word already Mr. Savvy and all you other guys you’ll get yours tomorrow anyway.

    Well, bye!

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