The colorized zone

tzoneblinkThe seed for this idea came from seeing @arlanamcbear’s take on the color splash assignment, and when the idea was seconded in a comment by Andrew Forgrave, I had to do it. The scene comes from the Twilight Zone episode “The Lonely”, where a convict is serving a 50 year sentence in solitary on an asteroid. The sympathetic commander of the supply ship drops of a female android to keep him company. I liked this shot because she’s relatively motionless except for the blink, so it has easy GIFfing possibilities.

I used QuickTime Player on my Mac to capture a screen recording of the segment of the episode. I brought the recording into Photoshop through FIle->Import->Video Frames to Layers, then deleted a lot of frames until I was down to eight.

I made a new layer at the top of the layer stack and used the lasso tool to select around her lips. Then I filled that with a reddish color, and played with the layer blending and opacity until I thought it looked okay. Emboldened by my success, I moved on to her hair, then her skin. That part was a little tricky because I didn’t want to give her skintone eyeballs. So with her face area selected, I deselected the eye area by holding down the option key as I made a second selection path around each of her eyes. I was a little worried about how that might look when she blinked, but it’s a small area and a quick movement so I thought it would be okay. If you freeze the frame where her eyes are closed, the uncolored area just looks like eye shadow.

pshopThen I decided I wanted to freeze the male character. I took the top layer of the stack and copied and pasted it into a new image. I cut a hole out of it where she was, using the lasso tool with a feather setting of 3 px to soften the edges, and then pasted what was left into a new layer at the top of the stack on my original file.

pshop2And voila! Blinky colorized robot companion! It doesn’t look quite real, but that’s okay because she isn’t supposed to be quite real, even in the Twilight Zone.

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