Scenes form a Sunday


That’s a typo in the title, but I decided to keep it because the scenes make the film. One thing I had never noticed before about Black Sunday is that it is a Jolly Film production. As the movie’s hero says at one point, “It’s also a little gloomy.”

Untitled-2There are many scenes where we see tangled branches, webs or bars between us and the characters, like they’re trapped. Or is it the viewer who is trapped?

Untitled-7There are also scenes where the shadows are choking everything with enveloping darkness. I love the way the photography sets the mood.



This is the evil Dr. Kruvajan. You can tell he’s evil because he’s lit from underneath.


Untitled-5“Stare into these eyes” There’s a lot about eyes in this movie. I forgot all about the eyeball poking part for destroying evil spirits. It reminds me of the late 90s supernatural cop show comedy Brimstone. I think that it’s due to Black Sunday that I’ve lived my whole life in mortal fear of ocular trauma. I talked about this a while ago as part of a ds106 assignment.Untitled-11

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