Ventriloquism for dummies

hugo1 hugo2

fatsI thought the Animated Movie Trading Cards assignment was an awesome idea. I had the idea to do this earlier, when I saw the Movie Trading Cards assignment, because Michael Branson Smith’s Dirty Dozen GIFs would have been a natural fit. But instead of going with that, I decided to do creepy ventriloquist dummies. Here we have Hugo, the granddaddy of them all, from The Dead of Night. Note the poster on the link, with the advertising tag line: “the critics hugged it!” Also, from the film Devil Doll, is another Hugo, and for those without a taste for black and white, there’s Fats from the 70s film, Magic. Since they’re dummies, I thought I’d go with a For Dummies motif. Did you know there’s a Ventriloquism for Dummies book? Me neither. If Talky Tina is looking for a toyfriend, she has a few to choose from.

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