Further FAWMing

grantpottertwitterA few days ago Grant Potter tweeted something about Lee Marvin’s Irish Ballads which I naturally had to investigate further. Artist Cris Shapan had photoshopped together a collection of classic imaginary LPs. I was likewise fascinated by the album Lee Marvin’s Irish Ballads: Songs from the Land where I Wasn’t Born. If you zoom in you can read the song titles:

Marvin_IrishBalladsWild Irish Rose
Punch Me Face
Peat Moss Jig
Pub O’ Me Heart
Who Threw Paddy’s Petrol Bomb In Missus Murphy’s Chowder?
Oh Golly, O’Gallegly
The Bog I Love
D’yer Glagh Nokt

At the same time as I found this, I was in the middle of February is Album Writing Month. These titles could make for some interesting songs, in the hands of a good songwriter. Unfortunately, they’re in my hands. With any luck, I’ll come up with something that merits some sense of the word “interesting.”

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