It’s a remix and a mashup

So the Remix Generator gave me the Music Mash assignment, which I suspect is very difficult to by itself, with the Pretty in Pink remix card: Molly taught us all that everything is prettier in pink, so make that assignment more pink somehow, either literally or metaphorically. It’s interesting that I got a mashup and a remix, given cogdog’s Twitter question and blog post about the difference between the two.

Pink Floyd immediately jumped to mind, and the singer Pink, but that’s too obvious. Pink Panther? That would go well with some Pink Floyd. I’d be surprised if that hasn’t been done already (to death, even). There’s the Pink Fairies (SLYT), who I only know about because the Rollins Band covered “Do It.” That might be something to work with. I looked for some Pinky Tuscadero, but didn’t have the stomach to sit through more than a few seconds of Happy Days. Maybe I’m looking at pink the wrong way. There’s Music from the Big Pink, and Never Mind the Bollocks had a garish pink cover. There’s author Daniel Pink. I listened to his audiobook Drive a year or so ago. What if I used a bunch of them – like in that six songs in six seconds assignment? Or take ten seconds each from six songs, to get the 106 thing in there, if in an obscure way. So break out the Audacity and do something audacious. Don’t write about it – do it!

Pink Floyd – Time
Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant
Pink Fairies – Do It
The Band – Chest Fever
Pink Panther Theme Song
Dan Pink – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

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