Moon, Keith

moon, keith

For today’s Daily Create, we had to “Take a photo of (or something that represents) the moon.” Naturally, my first thought was, “That’s asking for trouble.” But rather than mooning a webcam, I took this photo of my Who Are You record. I may have bought this on the day it was released. I know it was the first record I bought, and that I bought it at the great, great House of Guitars which wnorm featured in yesterday’s Daily Create.

Moon is sitting in the chair that says “Not to be taken away.” Ironically, he died about three weeks after the record came out. Even though he’s no longer with us, he’s still in demand. The organizers of the London Olympics tried to get him to play at the opening ceremonies this summer. So here’s a clip of him playing drums, solo:

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  1. Jim Groom says:

    One of the iconic albums of my childhood, we would draw those very connections about the allusion to Moon;s own death right on the last album. How alive he seemed—how eery the whole thing was. It was a kind of lure of pop culture that is almost a strange mashup of reality and mythology. Keith Moon will always only be for me a mythical drummer for the ages.

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