The contest somebody could win

I saw the assignment name, the contest nobody could win, and took it as a challenge. Could I find bits that are reasonably recognizable? I don’t think I was quite up to it though – the D and S are so short that they’re barely intelligible, let alone identifiable. The last bit is from a palindromically titled song off of Young and Rich. That part might be obscure even for those who know the group. See if you can pick out the pieces:

Then I thought, why not make it a radio thingy? and borrowed an idea from the PE:

All but one of the parts are from songs I own on one substrate or another. But it seems the CD/DVD drive in my laptop doesn’t want to work anymore. So I found everything on Youtube, and used an online YT to mp3 converter to download the audio. It was a little tedious isolating the parts in Audacity. I used the View – Zoom In function to get a closer look at the soundwaves, then deleted everything before and after the parts I wanted. I used Effect – Amplify on the 1 because it was quieter than the rest. Then I copied each part in order and pasted them in a string. Exported to mp3, and uploaded to Soundcloud.

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