It’s surprising to get so many positive comments on my pictures, especially coming from people who can actually take good photographs. I tend to be unhappy with my photos, in part because of my limited ability and in part due to the limitations of my tools. Really it’s all about figuring out what I can do within the limits of my ability and equipment.

I saw an article or a video recently about the problem of good taste. Because we have good taste, we know what good work is. And if we haven’t developed the skill to do good work, we get frustrated with our attempts, or worse, we don’t even try. I’m trying to learn to play music, when I have the time, which is rarely. I don’t have the fine motor skills or the rhythmic sense to do it well, but as long as I can find a way to have fun with it, I might get somewhere eventually.

Ds106 is a good place to have fun trying to make stuff, what with all the mutual support. I get a sense of that punk rock anybody-can-do-it aesthetic, except without the spitting and mosh pits.

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