Fries n’ chips

Moore’s Law says something about the exponential growth of computing power. Techy people can explain it better than I. But exponential growth and supersizing are related concepts, so let’s stuff Morgan Spulock’s fries into Gordon Moore’s mouth. Apparently he has an open mouth smile, so it should be easy.

How I Did It: Photoshop, and that trusty polygonal selection tool. But it didn’t look quite right just putting a fry layer on top of the face layer. I though a shadow might help. I duplicated the fry layer, used the Magic Wand to select the background, then Select – Invert to get the fries and filled the selection with 50% gray. Reduced the opacity, used a gaussian blur filter and moved the layer a little bit so the shadow was offset. The gray looked funny, so I changed that box next to opacity from Normal to Color Burn. It probably took me longer to type this than to do that.

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